AV130LRE is the fastest Copper Ethernet Extender available on the market. The second generation Ethernet Extender can achieve up to 300Mbps (Downstream: Up to 190 Mbps/Upstream: Up to 110 Mbps) and withstand harsh environments. 

HDMI-compatible extender is a device that uses the VDSL  (very high bit-rate digital subscriber line ) to transmit high-definition audio and video through a local area network.  It can transmit for HDMI-compatible high-definition video of your DVD, player, computer and other equipment using one pair of CAT3 ,CAT5E / 6 network cable, up to 400 meters (1300ft.).  At the same time, it is convenient to use point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, and cascade to transmit for HDMI-compatible high-definition audio and video signals.  The equipment consists of a transmitter and a receiver, which transmits for HDMI-compatible signals through wireless wifi.
for HDMI-compatible version: for HDMI-compatible1.3, fully compatible with HDCP.